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Maureen Egan began painting in 2007 as a response to an inner calling, educating herself by studying and observing other artists, especially her favorites from the Modern era – Van Gogh (for color and brush movement), Chagall (for storytelling and self-exploration), and Picasso (for vision and rule-breaking).


I am drawn to color and imagery, allowing inspiration to come through me by stilling myself enough to hear and capture that which is trying to reveal itself. This process is gradual, raw, and intuitive, as I paint layer after layer of color, stepping away when I sense the need to wait for the next influx of guidance. It takes a month or so for the whole story of the painting to reveal itself, in small doses, like crumbs leading me home.

Telling my stories by finding the colors, the images, the truth of my experience has been profoundly healing. Initially, I struggled with how vulnerable it made me, but something kept dragging me forward, seeking expression. On the way, I encountered formidable obstacles – physical pain, fear, nerves – but in the moments of flow (in my studio, on a walk) I knew I wanted and needed to keep at it.

I’ve always been comfortable writing, so adding words to my images (starting in 2013) was a natural progression. My intention is to offer insights that both help and inspire, reminding the viewer/reader of the deeper truths that we all carry and which have the capacity to transform a painful or contracted piece of ourselves or our story into a universal, compassionate seat, welcome to anyone who cares to rest and reflect.

The years and the work have strengthened me, and now I enjoy the process of creating, even the difficult aspects. It makes me happy to share these parts of myself, knowing they may awaken something within you, too. It turns out that we are not as alone as we think, and that our sensitivity can also be our strength.

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