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Growing up in Belfast, Maine as the son of local massage therapist, Maria Gail, massage has always been a regular part of my life, for which I am very grateful. During high school, while competing in track and field and working summers at a farm, my appreciation for massage really grew, as time and time again, massage from my mom seemed to fix issues I thought were beyond the scope of massage. After high school I continued to work at various farms, but eventually the impact massage had had on me brought me around from organic vegetable farming to massage therapy. I believe massage to be a great staple in any wellness routine as both a way to relax and to support overall bodily health. Massage can also be be a very helpful tool for injury recovery, as well as the management of chronic pain. As your massage therapist, I am here to try and understand your unique needs, and work with you to give a massage tailored to your individual concerns and preferences.

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