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My ceramic work is made for use and enjoyment. Each piece is individually handcrafted to withstand every day use, yet attractive enough to display in your home.

I first discovered clay as a young child growing up in midcoast Maine. My family's 100-acre rural homestead sits on the St. George River, with rolling fields, woods and stone walls. My parents devised activities to keep the 8 of us kids busy, while teaching us new skills, ideas, and an appreciation of the history of our town and the local environment.
​When I was 7 years old, my dad decided that one of our summer projects would be recreating historical Native American artifacts. He helped us dig clay from a bend in the riverbank, where silty deposits built up into a smooth gray clay body. We lugged this up the hill to our backyard, where we spent hours making small pots, pipes, and beads based on our historical research of Maine's native peoples. Dad built a simple kiln in the yard behind the garage, and we fired our wares using traditional methods.
This experience influenced my desire to study studio art and art history, and eventually led me to my current focus in ceramics influenced by varied cultures.


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